School Holiday Help

Let’s take a moment to remember all those parents of school aged children at this difficult time. Don’t forget, it’s considered impolite not to bring a bottle when you visit. (Preferably a clear spirit that can be disguised as water.)

School Holidays

Ah, school holidays.. who doesn’t like school holidays? Well, let’s not answer that out loud! As I am writing this blog post, I am watching three little musketeers pretending to be the cast of Paw Patrol. I know the song off by heart now so I am silently singing along as they play and put out extremely dangerous fires. They had a road block earlier because apparently the Mayor fell into a big hole and the Paw Patrol gang needed to save him. Another big twist in the tale was when a cat got stuck under a house (Not a typo, it really got stuck under a house). The Paw Patrol gang then had to break down the entire house to save the, and I quote a four year old, “Silly banana kitty cat!” It is just astonishing to see how kids think, what they imagine and what they feel.

Generally, kids can keep themselves busy. They love to have friends over and have playdates, tea parties and sleepovers. But what happens if they get bored? Boredom is inevitable after a few days or for some, after a few hours. I have compiled a list of places and activities to keep children busy during the school holidays. I have also decided to share it – yay!

Places to go:

  • Bambanani – Melville
  • Acrobranch – Melrose
  • Johannesburg Zoo – Johannesburg
  • Zoo Lake – Johannesburg
  • Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens – Roodepoort
  • Planetarium – Johannesburg
  • The Bee Maize Maze – Honeydew
  • Papachinos – Roodepoort
  • City Rock – Johannesburg
  • Peoples Theatre – Johannesburg
  • Ice-Skating – Northgate
  • iJump – Roodepoort
  • Gold Reef City Theme Park – Johannesburg
  • Monte Casino Bird Park – Fourways
  • Rollegoli – Bryanston
  • Croc City Crocodile and Reptile Park – Fourways
  • Lifestyle Garden Centre – Randpark Ridge

Games to play – no explanation required:

  • Riding bikes
  • Swimming
  • Soccer
  • Making Mud Pies
  • Obstacle courses
  • Trampolines
  • Jungle Gyms
  • Playing Catch
  • Fantasy Play
  • Painting
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Stick Maze
  • Shadow Drawing
  • Bird Watching
  • Finding shapes in the clouds
  • Painting and crafting rocks
  • Planting seeds and taking care of them
  • Jump Rope
  • Climb Trees

I sincerely hope that this will help you to enjoy the school holidays a bit – some are lucky enough to only have a one week break. For the rest of you that has a longer school holiday – you have my condolences.

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