Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

After the initial application, we will confirm possible dates and times available to meet, where we will also be doing a home check to verify you as family and to make sure that it is a safe environment for an Au Pair, Nanny, Tutor, Babysitter, Driver or House- and Pet sitter to be working at.

The Non-Refundable registration fee is for the following service:

  • To pre-interview and qualify candidates according to their level of English and/or Afrikaans literacy, communication skills, work experience, personal appearance and any other training courses attended.
  • To shortlist suitable candidates for you from our database, according to specific criteria that you will list on your family profile.
  • To verify the references telephonically or via e-mail.
  • To ensure that by the time you meet and/or employ the candidates, they are suitable to perform the duties that you would like as per your signed family profile.
  • Telephone costs to invite candidates.
  • Time to arrange interviews and screen candidates.

The Non-Refundable placement fee is for the following service:

  • To clear the candidate with a clearance company to verify the I.D. and to check for criminal records on file. (There is a backlog at the SAPS electronic system to check for criminal records, and may take a few months to receive full record should there be a possible link to the ID name or Number supplied)
  • To give a 90 day guarantee period (Term and conditions apply as per the signed agreement between the Agent and the Employer.)
  • To supply the Employer with an Employment contract with copies of relevant documents such as ID, Driver’s license, certificates etc.
  • Telephonic support even after your guarantee period has expired.

Salary Guidelines:

The minimum salary as laid down by the Department of Labour is R2545.00 (This is a 5% increase from 2017’s rates) per month for a domestic worker with no experience, no references and/or no training who commences her career as a domestic worker. In our experience, the current rate for an experienced domestic worker/child-minder with good references and/or training is as follows:

  • Live-out positions – R4500.00 to R5500.00 per month and (optional) transportation costs, lunch and uniform.
  • Professional Nannies and Care-workers – R4500.00 to R6500.00 per month.
  • Part-Time, Ad Hoc, the daily rate is R180.00 per day.
  • Babysitting – No formal qualifications, experience – R85.00 per hour with a minimum of three hours per sitting.
  • Babysitting – Trained in First Aid and CPR plus experience – R100.00 per hour with a minimum of three hours per sitting.
  • Babysitting – Trained in First Aid and CPR plus experience plus Childcare courses or teaching experience – R120.00 per hour with a minimum of three hours per sitting.
  • Au Pairs – Afternoons of Mornings only Monday to Friday – R4500.00 to R6000.00 per month.
  • Au Pairs – Full day R7000.00 – R12000.00 per month plus depending on driving requirements, additional costs for fuel and vehicle maintenance may be claimed.

These are only guidelines to assist the employer in deciding on a fair, market-related salary for their employee. These above-mentioned salaries can be altered to fit the employer’s needs and pocket.

Please Note:

We are able to assist with the following courses, should you require further training for your employee:

  • Basic First Aid and CPR Courses
  • Advanced First Aid and CPR Courses
  • Basic Cooking and Baking Classes
  • Advanced Cooking and Baking Classes
  • AuPair Training
  • Advanced AuPair Training
  • Executive Driver Training